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UNFI Foundation: Our Impact in 2013
Providence, RI -- Feb 18, 2014 -- ​In 2013, the UNFI Foundation granted $340,000 to support sustainable agriculture, organic farming and healthy eating. We contributed to over 30 non-profit organizations that focus on a wide range of areas, all to enhance and promote healthy food systems. The organizations we funded last year directly support our mission and priorities. For a breakdown of grantee focus areas, click here.
Organic research was a spotlight for the Foundation with 30% of our funds going to science and research initiatives. Grant recipients include The Organic Center, which targeted research on the factors affecting the presence of arsenic in organically grown rice. We supported a project at Washington State University, led by Dr. Charles Benbrook, to develop consumer friendly tools to quantify the nutritional quality and safety of individual foods, meals and daily diets.
Over 30% of our grants went to organizations that focus on nutrition and education. We support nationwide community-based non-profit nutritional education organizations dedicated to inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits with the goal of decreasing the risk of obesity and disease. GrowingGreat™ is one organization that helps children, families and communities understand where food comes from and appreciate that food serves a purpose in overall health. The long term goal is to make a positive impact on longevity and wellbeing.
The balance of our philanthropic giving was dedicated to multiple initiatives critical to our priorities. Organizations that received funding had a focus on organic seed biodiversity, transparent GMO labeling, providing support for beginning organic farmers and ranchers as well as farmer education through conferences and venues.
The UNFI Foundation is committed to promoting healthy, sustainable and organic food production and consumption now and in the years to come. Learn more about the Foundation by visiting