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UNFI Foundation Provides Grant to Kick Off Citrus Greening Study
Providence, RI -- Jul 08, 2014 -- The UNFI Foundation has funded a project that will study the effectiveness of organic pesticides on citrus greening disease, also known as Huanglongbing (HLB). The Foundation’s grant of $45,000 was the first donation made to the project, which will cost over $300,000.
Citrus greening disease has devastated millions of acres of citrus crops throughout the world. Since 2006, it has cost over $4.5 billion in lost revenue in Florida alone. Until now, most of the research done has focused on conventional citrus and utilized genetic modification and toxic pesticides, which are not compliant with organic standards.
“Especially in this era of climate change, new pests and voracious diseases, organic agriculture deserves as much money for research as conventional agriculture. We must invest in non-toxic ecological solutions for now and for future generations,” said Melody Meyer, director of the UNFI Foundation and president of the Board of Directors of OTA.
This three-year study, Organic Solutions for Citrus Greening, will be done by The Organic Center in collaboration with Ben McLean of Uncle Matt’s Organic and University of Florida entomologists Michael Rogers and Ron Brlandsky. It will provide organic growers critical information they need to protect their groves from collapse.
Support is greatly needed. Donate to the study and learn more about it by visiting its website.
Visit the UNFI Foundation website for more information on its grant program.